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8 kitchen electricals for efficient, healthy, fun family cooking

8 kitchen electricals for efficient, healthy, fun family cooking

Cooking in large enough volumes, ease of cooking, healthy cooking, and of course, having fun with the kids are all factors which can be a concern in the family home. So here are 8 Judge kitchen electricals to tackle all your family cooking needs.

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For International Day of Families (May 15th), we thought we’d write you a blog on what electrical kitchen appliances are our Judge ‘hero’ family products that we think will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. When it’s not just you and your partner anymore, cooking can sometimes be quite a difficulty. Cooking in large enough volumes, ease of cooking despite wanting to try new recipes, healthy cooking, and of course, having fun with the kids are all factors which can be a concern in the family home. Not to worry, here at Judge we totally understand and have you covered! Below we have divided up products in sections which we think may well be the solution to the difficulties you have in the kitchen…

Family quantities

The Judge rice cooker cooks rice from 4 up to 10 servings. The large capacity combined with the slow, even cooking temperature ensures well done rice every time, even in large quantities! When cooking large quantities, we tend to think the food may not be done to the same quality or will require a large amount of effort in the kitchen. This rice cooker however, is easy to use and to clean, meaning you can make rice – the staple to many meals – with extreme ease, for up to 10 people!

Judge Family Rice Cooker

Another product great for families is the Judge 4-slice toaster toaster. We know all too well what families can be like early in the morning before work and school…chaotic! When you’ve already been waiting 25 minutes for the shower, you don’t want to even think about waiting for breakfast, which is why this family toaster ensures big volumes (4 slices in one go), fast toasting and is easy to clean, meaning you won’t lose those all important minutes in the morning.

Get cooking done both quickly and healthily

Usually having one means compromising the other. Not necessarily with Judge products! The Judge electrical mini chopper is a compact, easy to store design which will make your cooking experience easier. Chop onions, peppers, coriander and various other fresh ingredients that add flavour to your meals, it really is as easy as it looks.

Judge Electrical Mini Chopper

If you love a piping hot homemade soup, the Judge soup maker is a must for your kitchen. This is a perfect way to get those veg into your family’s diet so whether your favourite is pea and mint, or a classic roasted tomato, get it made with ease. Alongside being a soup maker, this product can be used for smoothie and milkshakes for summertime fun too!

If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing like homemade bread to accompany a freshly blended soup. The Judge bread maker offers different kneading and dough setting for rolls, pizza bases and even homemade naan breads. When you break open the bread and see the steam escape, you’ll immediately know it was worth the purchase.

Judge Bread Maker

Have fun with the kids

Now, what products do we have that make being in the kitchen more fun and that are bound to hit it off with the kids? Our colourful Judge popcorn maker requires no oil or butter, meaning use it as a fat free snack!

We also have a Judge ice cream maker for homemade ice-creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts, again, perfect for summertime fun. With its one-touch operation functionality, it is extremely easy to use, and it also features a glass lid so the kids can watch the ice cream getting ready!

Judge Ice Cream Maker

Lastly, one that we think really is a kitchen staple, because you really can do so much with it, the 3 in 1 Judge Sandwich, Grill and Waffle maker. This one product alone can make a dinner and dessert being both a smooth and fun process! What would your kids like to decorate their waffles with, fresh strawberries or chocolate sauce? Either way, make sure your kitchen has this multitasking product.

 Judge Sandwich, Grill & Waffle Maker

You can find videos that show how all our Judge Kitchen Electricals work on our Youtube channel here.

A good kitchen is one that is constantly being added to in order to adapt to favourite tastes and health trends. Whatever your cooking needs, we are sure to have something that is going to make a difference to your experience and truly turn your kitchen into the heart of your family home. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on social media if you need some advice for what it is you need, Judge have you covered!


For more small kitchen appliances, visit our extensive Kitchen Electricals collection.

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