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Who doesn’t love the indulgence of Afternoon Tea?

Who doesn’t love the indulgence of Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon Tea – a delicious quest, from luxury hotels right to your doorstep.

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Who doesn’t love the indulgence of one of our great British traditions – Afternoon Tea?

Did you know that afternoon tea dates from the 1840s when it was introduced to stave off hunger pangs between an early lunch and a late supper? Afternoon tea is now a treat and, in my house, we often celebrate a special day such as a birthday, an anniversary or Mother’s Day with a particularly luxurious one. But the best afternoon tea doesn’t have to cost a fortune because it’s just as easy to enjoy that extravagant experience in your own home.

For me, less is always more when it comes to afternoon tea. I like everything I serve to be as dainty and attractive as possible which is why I love Judge’s selection of mini bakeware. I use the mini muffin tin (12 cup) and mini bun tin (24 cup) to achieve that elegant, high-end look.

If, like me, you enjoy savoury treats just as much as sweet then mini quiche are an afternoon tea must. Judge's fluted round mini bun tin (12 cup) is the perfect size – I recommend Mary Berry’s leek and stilton quiche recipe! I even make my sandwiches look as if they come from a top hotel by using Judge’s cutters. Star and heart-shaped sandwiches are my favourite but I like the idea of using the Judge playing card cutters and putting on a Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea party for my daughter’s 18th next week (she’s dancing the part of Alice soon so it will fit perfectly). Interestingly, the nation’s favourite afternoon tea sandwich is smoked salmon and cream cheese. Delicious, I agree, but I’m sure that lots of you have got much more exciting ideas than that!

There are so many places that offer afternoon tea nowadays that it’s difficult to know where to go. Can you remember where you had your best afternoon tea? Maybe, like me, you feel that the best is yet to come and you’re still ‘working’ your way through a list of top hotels and restaurants to find that ultimate experience. (Nice work if you can get it, and don’t forget to let us know about them on social media!)

TOP TIP: enjoy the search and keep looking – although, of course, you may find that the answer was right there at home all the time!

Afternoon Tea


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