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Can you imagine life without Pasta?

Can you imagine life without Pasta?

Let's talk shape, home-made techniques and cooking tips for restaurant-like results.

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Pasta has become a staple food across the UK but it was virtually unknown as little as 50 years ago! Pasta is an ingredient which allows the flavours of the sauce it is paired with to standout, one of the main reasons why it is a wonderful and much-loved dish. It’s definitely one of the greatest culinary inventions to come out of Italy (alongside gelato and risotto and pizza...!)

Homemade Pasta

Pasta is a simple fairly tasteless dough – sometimes made with spinach, tomato or eggs – but ultimately is a fuss free flavour, making it the perfect accompaniment to enjoy a tasty sauce. But why the shapes then, they are almost endless! Does shape matter? Yes – shape matters indeed. The shape and design of the pasta has an impact on the taste of your food... The shape affects the way the sauce is held on to the pasta itself: strong, hearty tasting sauces lend themselves to big pasta, whilst lighter sauces suit finer linguini or spaghetti style pasta.

Making pasta at home

Making pasta is relatively simple, when you have the right tools that is. With the help of our Judge Pasta Machine, creating professional looking lasagne, pappardelle, spaghetti or linguini is almost effortless. Once the dough has been formed (we like this recipe: www.bbc.co.uk/food/techniques/making_pasta_dough), flatten the dough slightly so that it can fit into the machine rollers and turn the crank to ease the dough through the machine. Start with the rollers on the widest setting. Before each pass of the dough, decrease the width of the rollers and dust the pasta with flour and keep going until you have the desired thickness. It’s as simple as that! Fresh homemade pasta in the comfort of your kitchen, at chef quality… yum!

Homemade tagliatelle

Cooking your very own homemade pasta is straight forward too. Boil a large pan of lightly salted water, add the pasta once the pan has reached boiling temperature, and give it a good stir – this stops it sticking together or to the bottom of your pan. Simmer as indicated on the pack, drain and voila – job done! If you eat pasta regularly, or just enjoy a seamless homemade pasta, then a Pasta Pan that’ll fit in enough for the whole family is probably a very worthwhile investment. The distinct advantage our Judge Pasta Pan has over a traditional saucepan is that it’s safer and more user friendly. The cooked pasta can be lifted out of the boiling water using the integral colander, decreasing the risks associated with pouring boiling water.

Finally, our top tip – do not overcook your pasta, keep it “al dente”. In other words, keeping your pasta firm will add texture and enhance the flavour of your sauce, giving you the professional results of an authentic Italian restaurant, in the comfort of your own home.

And now... Buon appetito!

Pasta - buon appetito!


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