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Cosy Bakes by James Martin

Cosy Bakes by James Martin

Enjoy these comforting recipes, freshly baked at home.

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Chilly autumn evenings. Scrumptious scents from the kitchen and a warming meal on the way. It’s well and truly baking season – a time to celebrate gorgeous flavours, freshly baked at home.

We love this time of year, so we’ve tried and tasted some of renowned chef James Martin’s classic comforting bakes. Each recipe has been created in our maximum performance Stellar James Martin bakeware designed with James himself, for the most delicious results.

Be inspired to indulge in these cosy bakes at home this autumn…


Simple Soda Bread

soda bread on james martin baking tray

Bread is simply the best. And it’s even more amazing homemade. Perfect for dunking in soups and stews, as a buttery side or starter, it’s always a comforting pleasure.

This simple soda bread is a quick and easy yet hearty addition to any cosy meal. It takes less than an hour, with no kneading, proving or yeast needed. And the smells in your kitchen will be no less than divine.

Discover the recipe by James Martin on BBC Good Food

Bake your loaf to perfection with the James Martin Baking Tray


Herby Slow-roasted Chicken

herby roast chicken in james martin roasting tray

Always a Sunday classic, make your roast chicken even extra special with this beautifully herby dish. Time is love with this method which involves marinating the bird overnight and then slow-cooking for 3-4 hours the next day. Yet, it’s worth every effort. The mouth-watering mix of bay, rosemary, lemon and thyme fills every bite with flavour. Add roasted seasonal vegetables for a nourishing feast that the whole family will enjoy.

Discover the recipe by James Martin on BBC Good Food

Make your roast amazing in the James Martin Roasting Tray


Classic Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake in james martin springform cake tin

Snuggling up on the sofa with a slice of something sweet – the perfect finish to any homemade meal. This rich chocolate cake is a decadent delight made with all the indulgencies of cocoa, vanilla and double cream. Top with fudge and toffee, or raspberries for a fresh and fruity twist. Serve warm, for an even more flavoursome treat.

Discover the recipe on James Martin’s website   

Create a sensational cake in the James Martin Cake Tin


Explore a whole range of bakeware for your delicious creations in the Stellar James Martin Bakers Collection

chef james martin pipes pastry onto baking tray

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