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Eat the Season: April

Eat the Season: April

Celebrate some of Spring’s most exciting foods with our Top 5 ingredients to try in April.

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New season, new cooking adventures. Celebrate some of Spring’s most exciting foods with our Top 5 ingredients to try in April.

1. Wild Garlic

wild garlic

Spot it by its pungent smell, delicate white flower or dense clumps of leaves carpeting the woodland floor – April is the perfect time to forage for wild garlic. A staple ingredient in so many dishes - from curries to roasts, soups and pesto, garlic’s creamy, nutty and buttery flavour is a familiar taste that so many of us love. Despite its strong smell, the wild variety has a more subtle taste than traditional bulb garlic, making it something that little bit different to try in your cooking this Spring.

2. Rhubarb

rhubarb tart

Candy-pink, tangy and delicious, rhubarb is one of the most glorious ingredients to cook and bake this season. There are surprising ways to work this colourful vegetable into sweet and savoury dishes, more unusual than the comforting crumble. Its sharpness works deliciously well with meat and oily fish recipes - roasted, in a glaze or sauce - and adds unique flavour to breads and chutneys. Try our Rhubarb and Orange Frangipane Tart for a bright and beautiful treat.

3. Morel

morel  mushrooms

Fancy a hunt for something special? If you’re yet to come across the morel mushroom, this really is a treat to try this season. Growing across the British Isles, the first few weeks of April are prime time to spot and pick these beauties. They're typically found in dry, wooded areas with a unique honeycomb-like appearance that makes them easy to spot - if you're lucky enough to hunt them down. Divine with meats and garlic flavoured dishes, morels have a deep, meaty and nutty flavour that's highly sought-after by chefs. Discover more about hunting morels this Spring, or seek them out from fine food specialists.

4. Rocket


With al fresco weather on the way, this peppery leaf is the perfect addition to light salads, wraps and pizzas. With a slight bite and plenty of strong flavour, it’s never missed on the tastebuds. Throw a handful onto your finished dish or wilt the leaves just at the last minute to retain their flavour. If you love Rocket, it’s also one of the most incredibly easy vegetables to grow at home in the UK. Find out more about growing your own Rocket.

5. Crab


If you’re a lover of sweet and succulent crabmeat, now’s the time to start enjoying it fresh and delicious. Delightful in a buttered sandwich, with al dente linguine or fried into fritters and tarts, this delicate seafood has a distinct flavour that can’t be missed in the warmer seasons. Crab pairs beautifully with cream, butter, lemon and chilli. If you're cooking it at home for the first time, try these tips for preparation.


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