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Eat What You Want Day – May 11th!

Eat What You Want Day – May 11th!

What does #EatWhatYouWantDay mean to you? Is this a day where you don’t think about calories or carbs even once? Or do you treat yourself to something more luxurious?

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With an increasingly multicultural world, we are getting an opportunity to experience different cultures more than ever. A wonderful part that comes with new cultures, is new foods. Despite there being thousands of dishes around the world…we all have our favourite. With #EatWhatYouWantDay (May 11th) coming up soon, we asked the team to tell us their favourites, a few of which we are going to tell you about below!

Fish and chips have long been considered a classic British dish which is loved by many across Britain. Freshly cooked fish with a golden crispy batter accompanied with hot rough cut chips often eaten out of paper, is arguably the best way to enjoy the classic meal. Despite many associating this dish with British food, the origins of fish and chips can be traced in many different places such as Greece and Belgium and the exact provenance is often disputed. Nevertheless, this still comes first place every time as the nation’s favourite.

Homemade Fish & Chips

Then we have the colourful dishes from South Asia. Our favourite is a ‘dum biryani’ which is a rice dish cooked with pressure, to wonderfully exploit all the flavours that can come from the exotic spices. Another favourite, is the street food ‘gol gappe’ which are hard, crispy shells filled with chickpeas, tamarind water and sometimes other ingredients, to result in an explosion of flavour. We love the striking colours that come from all the vibrant ingredients such as coriander, masala spices and freshly grated ginger. Spicy foods that come from different places in the world, notably South Asia, bring both colour and intense flavours to Britain, which give food experiences to be remembered.

Gol Gappe, crispy shells filled with chickpeas and tamarind water

A delicious Chinese is the perfect food to fill a hungry stomach – fast! A common favourite Chinese dish is the bright ‘Sweet and Sour’ chicken served with simple steamed rice or even egg fried, for that extra kick. The contrasts between the sweet and sour flavours is what brings this dish together to be the perfect mix that appeals to so many taste buds. This one was a team favourite for that Friday night takeaway fun!

What does #EatWhatYouWantDay mean to you? Is this a day where you go all out and eat ‘junk’ food which is not so healthy? A day where you don’t think about calories or carbs even once?! Or do you treat yourself to something more luxurious? There are a number of different cuisines, some which we have not even had the chance to write about above! Whether your favourite cuisine be British, South Asian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian or Mexican, head on over to our social media and let us know how you will celebrate Eat What You Want Day!


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