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For Fresh Start Success: start in the kitchen with our 6 tips

For Fresh Start Success: start in the kitchen with our 6 tips

Winter can often leave us feeling sluggish with poor sleep quality. This is where our Fresh Start campaign can help.

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Have the toils of the first few months, the dark, cold and damp mornings and evenings left you feeling worn out? Have you found it hard to find time to get your step count in and think up inspiring new recipes in the kitchen? You are not alone, winter can often leave us feeling sluggish with poor sleep quality.

This is where our Fresh Start Campaign can help: a few subtle changes to your diet and lifestyle will give you the enthusiasm to create the time to exploit the increasing daylight hours… and before you know it, you will have a spring in your toes and a renewed enthusiasm.

Fresh Start success - superfoods

Here are our 6 steps to your Fresh Start Success:

1) Simplify your cuppa – Our ability to create café style coffee in the comfort or our home is great but can lead us to pile on unnecessary calories and have too many caffeine highs & lows. So why not substitute one or two of these with a simple alternative such as herbal tea or hot water and lemon. Moreover a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning is meant to be one of the best detox’s.

2) Drink plenty – It’s not always the first thing you think of in terms of energy boosting but the humble H2O could hold the key to curbing lethargy and reducing forgetfulness – two things we certainly want to change. We are often trying to function in a state of dehydration – it’s too late when you are thirsty, this shows you are already dehydrated! The target should be 8 x 200 glasses of water a day. You can read more info here on the benefits of being hydrated here.

3) Eat regularly – Is this music to your stomach?! Whilst we may want to reduce our calorie intake due to the pounds added over the winter, the first thing you should not do is skip meals, but rather plan 3 regular healthy meals – yes that’s 3 a day! – as this stops us snacking. But let’s opt for sustaining, well-balanced meals that are cooked healthily: look to steam rather than boil and cut the carbs…

Did you know you can cook a complete meal in a steamer? Work out the cooking time of each ingredient and start with the ones that take the longest, then add the others and eventually everything should be ready at the same time. Judge offers a choice of steamers, both electrical and hob top. The hob top ones are available in various sizes so you can find the perfect one for your household – it’s sure to become a Pure Kitchen Delight and help your Fresh Start.

TOP TIPS when steaming:

  • Increase flavours by adding plenty of herbs and spices;
  • Take a look at this post on steaming tips.

Let your kitchen shine

4) Superfoods – We all know it’s good to have a balanced meal, to include our 5 a day, to move to whole grains and lean meats, etc. but adding superfoods is a great idea for those seeking to boost optimum health. Try seeking these out:

  • Goji Berries (contains protein in a very natural form);
  • Kefir (a cultured milk with probiotic);
  • Hemp seeds (with its ideal ratio of omega oils often found in drinks);
  • Acai (a berry packed with antioxidants and Cocoa, known to reduce cholesterol).

Read more about them here.

5) Love your lymph – Simply add more green veg like rocket and kale to your diet to do this. If you keep this clean and healthy, sluggishness will decrease.

6) And finally, ditch the junk – Actually by the time you have done all the above, you probably won’t even want the junk. Try to avoid reaching for cakes and biscuits and if you do decide to reach for a fry pan rather than a steamer, opt for one with great non-stick that doesn’t even need oil – such as Stellar Rocktanium. Watch how we fry and egg without oil here.


For more information on steaming products, visit our food steamers collection.

To find out more about our award-winning non-stick cookware, visit the Stellar Rocktanium non-stick pans range.

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