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Horwood treats a retailer to a special night out with Chef James Martin!

Horwood treats a retailer to a special night out with Chef James Martin!

Being huge fans and having stocked Stellar James Martin for years, CB Furnishings received tickets to James’ new tour.

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We have met a lot of fans of Chef James Martin – let’s face it, who isn’t? – but not many can claim to be as passionate and dedicated as CB Furnishings, one of our independent retailers based in York. As the new show James Martin on the Road… Again tours the country, we took this opportunity to celebrate our cooperation with this retailer and treat them to a night out at the show! And boy, did they have a good time!

James Martin on the Road... Again

Situated in Northallerton, a traditional North Yorkshire market town, CB Furnishings have been trading for 33 years and started their journey with Horwood in 2013, when they introduced the Stellar & Judge brands across most kitchenware categories. No need to mention, their main focus from the get go has always been on Stellar James Martin. This has been very successful for the business and has developed into a great offering within their Cookshop area.

CB Furnishings

Jo, CB Furnishing’s Cookshop buyer, says: “Our best-selling Stellar James Martin range is the Knives, however we do well with the cookware and most of his endorsed product offerings.” Her love for James goes back to his Ready Steady Cook days, so you can imagine how thrilled she was when we phoned up and announced they were in for a special treat. After a fantastic night at the event at York Barbican on October 4th, she told us: “My favourite moment at the On the Road Again event was… pretty much everything! But in particular James’ whole persona on stage and his cheeky giggle. I was also impressed by his singing and guitar playing!”

James Martin playing guitar

As a company, we put our retailers at the centre of everything we do. From buy-in to sell-out, we strive to give them all the tools needed to ensure our cooperation is as successful as it can be. With a joint ultimate goal of growing our businesses together, we share the daily market challenges… but also the joys of working in an exciting industry that gifts us with great moments such as the James Martin on the Road… Again show. We are thrilled to bits to have contributed to making one of CB Furnishings’ evenings special. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?

CB Furnishings' Cookshop


For more information on James Martin kitchenware products, visit Stellar James Martin.

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