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How the beer glass you use affects your experience

How the beer glass you use affects your experience

Take your home drinking beer experience to a whole new level with the new Judge Beer Glasses

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Beer history

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world, consumed all around the world and loved by many. Whilst it is difficult to say with confidence the origins of beer, beer as a brewing process was recorded in Egypt; the Ancient Egyptians recorded the brewing process of beer on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C.!

Beer ingredients

The basic ingredients of beer are a source of starch, most regularly malted barley, which is then converted into sugars and then fermented. Water is the main ingredient in beer, which accounts for over 90% therefore the type of water used will influence the finished taste of the beer.

Beer glasses and how the perfect shape can improve your experience

Beer can be a key element of social interactions. While beer is commonly enjoyed out at bars and pubs, increasingly popular is experiences at home enjoyed with friends and family – especially in the summer! While the flavour of the beer is obviously very important, also key is the shape of the beer glass which will help complete the entire experience.

Our brand new beer glasses are made from crystalline glass, making them strong and usable. They have been tested in the dishwasher 1000 cycles and wash well every time so you won’t have the issue of cloudy glasses. The way the liquid reaches the bottom of the glass will affect the taste and aroma of the beer, making the type of glassware you use central to your home drinking beer experience. The curved sides of the Judge Beer Glasses help guide the liquid to the bottom of the glass, giving the ideal pour every time. Meanwhile the hourglass profile of the glass maximises the longevity of the bubbles.

Judge 4 Piece Beer Glass Set

If you are more of a wine or gin drinker, fear not, you can still have the same great home drinking experience with our Judge Crystalline Glassware - find the perfect glass for you!


For more information on enjoying drinks with Judge, visit the Judge Glassware collection, including both Crystalline glasses and Double Walled glassware.

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