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How to choose bakeware

How to choose bakeware

What is the best bakeware? What bakeware do I need? Let us run you through a couple of scenarios to find out the best types of bakeware for your baking needs.

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Arguably, baking is just as important as cooking is. There’s nothing like a finishing touch to anything you do in life, and a meal is no different. Dessert is the sweet cherry on top, (literally!). Our bakeware equipment and all that you can achieve with it will have you bouncing of the walls with excitement! Let us walk you through our bakeware with two different scenarios to help you decide what best suits your needs.

Scenario one: family baking

Judge Cookie Cutters in use

You finish a long week at work, it's the summer holidays, Friday evening comes and the kids have been off school all week. You promised them a fun activity on Friday…and it’s come around already! You haven’t really done any preparation, but baking is always a hit. Just when you’ve got the idea, you haven’t got the bakeware. You decide to invest in a decent set of bakeware to well equip you for Friday evening baking, Saturday and Sunday morning baking, and weekday fun, whatever day it is, Judge has you covered. As for now, the Friday evening activity can be a make-shift takeaway until you’ve got everything you need…

Judge baking tools and equipment

Judge Non-Stick Bakeware range

In the Judge Bakeware range, we have a wide collection of products which can suit all sorts of baking levels and preferences, ideal for the demands of a busy family. Whether you are a cupcake or muffin lover, like to experiment with different recipes and flavours, or enjoy making cute shaped cookies and biscuits (always a winner with the kids!), our bakeware collection is definitely worth a browse. It is non-stick, meaning no sticking to the bottom and consequently, a stress-free experience (imperative when cooking with the kids, which can be quite the ‘hard to get right’ experience as it is!). As well as stocking up your kitchen on your favourite staple pieces, you can accessorise your baking experience with all the additional pieces we have, including shape cutters, shakers and even decorating and icing sets.

Scenario two: GBBO-level baking

Stellar Non-Stick Bakeware in use

You are an amazing cook and a master baker. All your family often compliment and nudge for you to make that bake off application, and everybody’s favourite day of the week (even if it’s a Monday!) is when it’s your turn to make dinner and dessert. Stellar bakeware look so great in your kitchen that storing won’t ever be a problem; you’ll always want them on display!

Stellar baking tools and equipment

Stellar Non-Stick Bakeware range

If you are looking for a new collection to kit out your kitchen, Stellar has an extensive range of bakeware for you that will really transform your baking experience. There are two variations. Firstly, unlike standard non-stick bakeware, the Stellar Non-Stick Bakeware range comes with an advanced type of non-stick, which is silicone coated and makes for a much easier food release and thereby ease in your baking experience. In other words, no more coating the pan in thick layers of butter or need for greasing paper. The second type of bakeware we have, is the Stellar Hard Anodised Bakeware range, designed for the professional baker. There is no coating on top and there is greater heat conductivity, ensuring a more even temperature across the surface. The material is so unique that even in years to come these will look brand new and wear and tear won’t be visible. This collection really is baking equipment for life, so a real good investment for your professional baking needs!

Need help choosing the best bakeware for you?

Whatever your preferences are and whatever function your kitchen performs, we are sure to have the right fit for your needs. Head on over to social media to let us know what your favourite baked goods and recipes are, and if you need any advice as to what bakeware collection is for you, please get in touch with our team on social media!


For more information on all baking products, tools and textiles, visit our extensive Bakeware selection.

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