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How to do cocktails the right way

How to do cocktails the right way

A journey from cocktails to mocktails, playing with fire (literally!)

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A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or a combination of other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavoured syrup and cream. There are so many different combinations of cocktails, and everybody has their favourite! What’s yours?

The timeless ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail has been revealed as the most popular drink being ordered in bars right now, according to various surveys. The highly in demand cocktail is made up of mixing sugars with bitters, with a generous amount of bourbon whiskey and a twist of citrus. Traditionally, it is served in a short tumbler often called an ‘old fashioned glass’ (take a look at the Judge Tumbler Glass Set to get the look!). Fun fact: it was ordered by James Bond in Thunderball (!) and is now a popular drink worldwide – it has been crowned the consumer cocktail of choice!

Judge Bubble Tumbler Glass Set

Whilst the taste of your chosen drink is all-important, the visual look of cocktails are often what makes them so appealing. Judge Double Walled Glasses are great to put drinks in: they have a thermally insulated ‘air pocket’ construction, which creates a striking visual effect (making your cocktails totally instagrammable!). So whether you like a fresh and fruity cocktail or something a little stronger, your drink is guaranteed to look the part with Judge Glasses. Don't believe us? Have a look at these two shots by Richard Budd Photography, playing with fire...literally!

Espresso Iced Coffee Cocktail in Judge Double Walled Tumbler Glass

Espresso Iced Coffee Cocktail in Judge Double Walled Tumbler Glass - Recipe: 35ml espresso, 15ml mint syrup; shake with ice and strain.

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail in Judge Double Walled Highball Glass

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail in Judge Double Walled Highball Glass - Recipe: 25ml Campari, 50ml Tarquin Gin; add ice, top with fizz.

Low alcohol and no alcohol options are now also becoming more popular when social drinking. They are called ‘mocktails’ due to the ‘mocking’ of the appearance of cocktails, despite containing no alcohol, but they would certainly still win awards for the way they look! If you want to read more on favourite alcoholic drinks and glasses, read our blog on ‘the gin craze’.

Judge Gin Glass Set


For more information on enjoying cocktails and drinks with Judge, visit the Judge Glassware collection, including both Crystalline glasses and Double Walled glassware.

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