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My kid is off to uni… what will they need in the kitchen?

My kid is off to uni… what will they need in the kitchen?

The perfect kitchen kit for students

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If, like me, you’ve got a son or daughter about to head off to uni, you’ll be starting to think about kitting them out for the coming years. One of the most difficult decisions is weighing up how much money to spend versus how long you want things to last. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a small fortune but, equally, it’s false economy to buy equipment that’s not going the stay the course. Luckily, when it comes to cookware, Judge have got a great range of kitchen equipment that won’tbreak the bank but will withstand the rigorours of uni life!

This is the third time I’ve waved a child off to uni so I know the drill by now! There are a certain number of items that even the most reluctant cook just can’t do without. I’d suggest the following essentials:

A couple of pans of different sizes and a frypan - all non-stick for obvious reasons! Judge Induction cookware range, suitable for all hob types, comes in stylish red, vanilla and black to suit all tastes and is definitely tough enough to cope with life in a shared kitchen. Also, they say having a colour helps when trying to find their pans!

Judge Induction

A roasting tray is always useful - hopefully, not just for oven chips, good for pasta bakes too!

More and more students already are or are thinking of becoming vegetarians/vegans, so a good chopping knife is a must. Judge’s collection of nine Sabatier IP knives offers a great choice of entry-level knives which are perfect for students – go for the Utility and the Cooks or Santuko knives which will easily handle both chopping up veg and carving. Also, they come with a 25-year stainless steel guarantee.

I would recommend including a few kitchen tools for serving, stirring and flipping – Judge have an ideal starter set containing three robust, stainless steel tools - a masher is my daughters favourite too.

This just leaves the all-important pizza rotella. Our pizza cutters are simple, elegant and safe to use – just make sure you tell them that it’s only to be used for homemade pizzas!

Judge Pizza Rotella

TOP TIP: so, take my advice and send your child off to uni with a box of well-chosen, reasonably-priced, quality cookware and that’s one job that you won’t have to do again. Now, what’s next on the list?

Box of Kitchenware - ready to go off to uni!

All boxed up and ready to go!


For a selection of easy-to-use, no-frills everyday kitchenware, visit Judge Everyday - including Judge Everyday Cookware and Judge Everyday Bakeware.

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