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How to reduce your carbon footprint in 3 easy steps

How to reduce your carbon footprint in 3 easy steps

Are you becoming more aware of the environmental implications of your purchases?

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Are you becoming more aware of the environmental implications of your purchases? We are constantly being told to use less single-use plastics, waste less and recycle more. But how?

Can small lifestyle changes make a significant impact? Read our 3 top lifestyle tips to start making an impact today.

Small changes at work…

Judge Thermal Flasks

Grab your travel mug and take that to your favourite coffee shop for them to fill. You will often get a discount and also peace of mind knowing you aren’t adding to the 7 million disposable coffee cups used every day in the UK.

Take a water bottle from home. Did you know it takes 50-1000 years for a plastic water bottle to break down? Our sports bottles are made with robust stainless steel and will last for years. The best part is they are insulated, which means they will keep your drinks cold or hot for longer, what’s your preference?

Small changes at home…

 Judge Tote Basket (fold flat)

Judge Tote Basket (fold flat)

We’ve all made the change to buying and reusing carrier bags but you could take it a step further by using a basket or tote. These are especially useful if you support your local market or farm shop.

Leftovers? Don’t waste dinners, save for the next day or freeze them! Use serving bowls to allow the family to serve themselves.

Past its ‘best before’ date? Fruit and vegetables never stay fresh for long so when they’re a little on the wrinkly side, is it time for a soup or a smoothie?!

Small changes on a picnic or a BBQ…

Reach for a flask, thus negating the need for takeout coffee.

Ditch disposable cutlery. Who likes using it anyway? Table cutlery is so much nicer and quite simply lasts a lifetime – we have a great collection of cutlery (both cutlery sets and individual tablespoons, knives and forks) for you to take out!

Here at Horwood we are committed to do our bit too. We believe that investing in quality kitchenware pays dividends in time as quality cookware lasts, meaning you may only need to buy it once. Did you know that most of our Judge products come with a 25-year guarantee, while most Stellar products are guaranteed for life? Also, over the next few years we plan to review our packaging, endeavoring to use less and ensuring it’s as recyclable as possible.

So, are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint?


For a selection of thermal drinkware, visit our flasks and drink bottles collection.

For food containers that are fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, see our Judge Seal & Store Glass Containers.

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