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Roast ideas and top tips to please them all

Roast ideas and top tips to please them all

Sunday roast ideas to please them all: meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans as well as nut allergies.

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Is a roast dinner still meat, two veg, roasties and trimmings? Sounds a little ironic to start an article with “when I was a kid”, but as I sit here it is true that when I was a kid, vegetarian and vegan food was practically unheard of and a roast dinner, of meat and two veg, was enjoyed practically every Sunday – followed by a quiet afternoon, reading the Sunday papers, watching a film and snoozing. Oh, how things have changed!

More and more of the population are becoming reducetarian (meaning actively reducing meat and dairy products in their diet), participating in #MeatFreeMonday, or becoming fully vegetarian or vegan. Many years ago, the move to vegetarian and vegan diets was mainly fueled by animal cruelty, but in more recent times the reasons behind the switch have also started to include the effect that a high meat diet has on the environment (read more on this in our Veganuary blog article) as well as the implied health benefits of reducing meat consumption. So nowadays, when faced with a family gathering which would typically have the joint or bird as the center piece on which to hang the vegetables, trimmings and roasties, today you are likely to see a selection of dishes on the menu to accommodate all diets.

For the meat eaters, roasting the joint to perfection remains key. Stellar offers two main styles of roaster: the Stellar non-stick Roast and Rack, designed to drain away meat juices and create a delicious crispy caramelized exterior; alternatively to savor the juices and for a moister, basted joint, the covered roaster such as the Stellar Hard Anodised roaster would be our recommendation. What’s more, as this pan is suitable for all hob types, gravies and other accompaniments can be made directly in the same pan, to make the most and savor all of the meat juices.

Stellar Speciality Roast & Rack

A popular choice for vegetarians and vegans is a nut roast. All supermarkets sell them, you will find them in the chill or freezer cabinets, but we like this vegetarian recipe by recipe by BBC Good Food with its mix of veg, nuts, cheese and eggs – healthy and yummy! Loaf tins are great for cooking these – and if you are short of one, our Stellar Hard Anodised ovenware with its lifetime guarantee is definitely worth considering.

Nut roast recipe tried & tested in our Stellar Hard Anodised loaf tin

Nut allergies are increasingly common, so if you also need to include a dish to accommodate for this, perhaps a filo pastry parcel with great seasoning and tasty veg could be your show stopper?

For roasties – to cater for the veggie and vegan – check out this fantastic roast potatoes recipe from Ian and Henry, founders of Internet sensation Bosh – doesn’t it looks tasty and easy to follow? It may be worth also considering making one meat-free gravy for all; with all of the vegetables and herbs in this one, it is sure to make for a tasty gravy. Our top tip would be to make it early and keep it warm in the Judge thermal gravy jugs as they keep it “serving hot” for up to 4 hours – check out what “A glug of oil” says about it in this review. With two sizes, there should be one that’s suitable for your gathering.

Judge Double Walled Gravy Pot

As the entertaining season commences, we wish you roasting success and we are off to prepare a delicious nut roast to bring family and friends together!


For more information on kitchenware products that can make your roasting a much easier job, visit our Ovenware selection of Roasting Tins, Trays and Dishes.

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