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Roast to Perfection

Roast to Perfection

The route to a mouth watering roast.

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What makes a perfect roast?

As the leaves on the trees turn brown, the nights draw in, it’s time to put the heating on and enjoy the most heavenly aroma of a traditional British Roast. Is there anything better than the smell of a roast dinner filling the corners of a home? 

Is the thought of making a roast daunting? Or is it a question of doing the maths and creating a timing plan to ensure roasting success?

Regardless of your ability, we are here to make your colder months warmer, your dinner parties and Sunday lunches impeccable and your roasts even tastier!

What kind of roaster are you? Are you a bare all or a more conservative roaster?

'What do you mean?’ I hear you ask. We have found the nation is a litted divided over the best way to roast, some prefer a bare all approach and use roasting racks to drain fat away, whilst others prefer a more conservative apporach and keep their roast hidden in a covered roaster to lock in moisture and help keep the oven clean! Which are you?

Roast to Perfection - Baster

Is it good to baste?

Roasting perfection is always helped with regular basting, it adds flavour and helps keep the meat succulent. Using a baster rather than a spoon and pooring, keeps hot fat safely contained, less likely to spill, and there’s perfect control over the direction of the basting.

Roast to Perfection - Meat Thermometer

Is there a perfect temperature?

A meat thermometer reduces the risk  of under or over cooked meat. There are informative guides highlighting the minimimum internal temperature of a roast to ensure your chicken or turkey is cooked or your beef  or lamb has reached the temperature to achieve rare, medium or well done meat. Check this one out.

Is it too hot to handle?

Cooking roasts is hot stuff, so take care to protect yourself from hot fats. Good quality oven gloves or pot grabs are a must have in any kitchen. Look for ones that are soft and flexible, large enough to fit snugly and that are easy to get on and off. Essentially oven gloves should promise slow heat transfer to ensure you can move your pans safely and with comfort. Please feel free to explore our offering here.

Roast to Perfection - Meat Tray

Is there time to rest?

As the roast leaves the oven, it’s time to use a meat tray. Before you plough into carving, it’s recommended you leave the roast to rest. This allows the meat to settle and absorb juices – yielding  tasty juicy meat is easier to carve.

Roast to Perfection - Gravy Boat

Can a gravy make a roast?

Pour all juices from your roast into a gravy separator, which allows unnecessary fat to be drained away, resulting in a healthier lower fat gravy. We still prefer to put the finished jus in our ceramic gravy boat – what do you do?

How do I master the side dishes?

Don't miss our Behind every perfect Roast is a selection of perfect Sides blog post with top tips from Chef Tony O'Reilly to master the side dishes.


For more information on kitchenware products that can make your roasting a much easier job, visit our Ovenware selection of Roasting Tins, Trays and Dishes.

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