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Sandwich Day 2018

Sandwich Day 2018

What’s your lunch time munch?

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Did you know that 3rd November is Sandwich Day? Yes, really!

Each year we set aside one special day to honour the humble sandwich. Here in Britain, we’ve been enjoying the sandwich since it got its name from John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, in the 1700s. The story goes that the Earl wouldn’t stop what he was doing just to have lunch so, when he was hungry, he would ask his servants to bring him meat served between two slices of bread and, hey presto, the sandwich was born!

But, is the great British sandwich on the decline? Now that we have clever containers that allow us to take homemade soup or leftovers from last night’s dinner to work safely, have we fallen out of love with the lunchtime sandwich? It seems not but, sadly, more and more of us are turning to those cold, tasteless, readymade, meal-deal sandwiches that are so easy to grab when we’re on the go. They may seem like great value for money but how satisfying are they really?

Judge Electricals Mini Sandwich Maker

To my mind, you can’t beat a homemade sandwich, whether you’ve made it yourself or bought it from a local café, deli or sandwich shop. I can’t think of anything better for lunch than a tasty, satisfying sandwich bulging with a fresh and exciting filling. Why have a grey and boring mass-produced tuna and mayonnaise sandwich when you can zing up your lunch time with a sprinkle of turmeric, a splash of Worcestershire sauce or your own favourite crazy combination of fillings? So, come on, join us in celebrating National Sandwich Day by enjoying a homemade sandwich with a difference every day. If you are out and about – why not fill a flask with something warming too?

We’d really like to see your favourite sandwich or your typical lunch munch, so please share your photos with us – we look forward to seeing and being inspired by your special homemade sandwiches because, let’s face it, there are some lunchtimes when only the real thing will do!


For more information on small kitchen electricals that will make your life easier when preparing a sandwich and ensure the final result is delicious, see this selection of Sandwich makers and electric grills.

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