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Summer Salads – an intriguing side dish or a glorious main?

Summer Salads – an intriguing side dish or a glorious main?

Our Salad Guidelines: there are no rules, let your imagination run wild!

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Are you like us? One sun ray (and quite frankly that sometimes is all we tend to get in the UK) and we’re off to the supermarket to fill our basket with colourful salad ingredients. We also find ourselves replacing red meats with fish, chicken and increasingly superfoods. Does this resonate with you?

Most of the year people talk about “hotting up in the kitchen” – meaning smoking frying pans, steaming veg, and the great British bubbling casserole. But then come the blue skies and it’s all about fresh, raw and speedy proteins to accompany the leaves. Do you agree, over recent years, the humble salad seems to have been given a new lease of life? No longer are we limited to the modest lettuce, tomato and cucumber – imports, food storage, glasshouses and a multicultural society have certainly fuelled our choice.

Lettuce and vegetables

Lettuce is no longer boring.

The best part is, the green leaves no longer have to be green: the choice resembles a paint colour chart with anything from green to deep purple… and each offering a different flavour too. Yum!

When you think about preparing a salad, the first question is: salad as the main event or simply a side dish…or maybe as a topping? Here is a fun fact for you: recently we have come across salad topped pizzas! We shall have to ask the Italians if they think this is a good idea! And what about you? Do you prefer a salad as your main or as your side? And would you put it on pizza?

Once the basic ingredients are decided, the next decision to make is: do we toss, spiralise or julienne?! Check our our mandoline which makes light work of slicing and juliennes. After all, these techniques all add appeal to our salads. And we are then tempted to embellish with tasty dressings and amazing combinations, all topped off with fresh herbs, a zest of lemon or a squeeze of lime.

To round up this green rant, the foundation of a salad is surely the humble lettuce but if you ask if there’s any rules or guidelines to salad etiquette, the answer is simple:

Our Salad Guidelines: there are no rules, let your imagination run wild!

For those of you that are happier following a recipe, we have rustled up two lovely recipes with chef Tony O’Reilly with some taste tickling flavour combinations. Enjoy and let us know which one is your favourite!

Check out a couple of recipes by Chef Tony O'Reilly:


You may also be interested in visiting our kitchen tools and utensils collection to find any items that would make your salad prepping easier and more efficient, as well as our crockery and serving tools collections to serve your salads in style.

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