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Tastes of the World

Tastes of the World

Take your kitchen on a journey and keep your summer holiday memories alive at your dining table.

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Does your summer holiday seem a distant memory?

The traditional 2-week summer holiday break, taken by most of us, is a subject we all talk about, just like the British weather. It often starts its life in front of the television (or an Instagram post) with a summer holiday advert once the Christmas festivities have boiled over, and thoughts turn to the warm months and the inevitable question arises… Where shall we go this summer?

For some it’s straight forward – ‘Shall we go back to…?’, ‘I’ve always wanted to go to…’ – but for many it’s far more complicated – ‘Who do we go with?’, ‘Where do we want to go?’ – and the list of desires grows. Regardless, by Easter most of us are all booked and excited to tell friends and family about our holiday plans.

The holiday planning kicks in (Are the passports in date? Do we need any jabs? Is the tent still waterproof? Have the kids grown so much they need a new summer wardrobe? Are we going to have a Shirley Valentine moment?) and eventually we are off and we hope there’s not too many traffic jams, or flight and ferry delays. We can start to enjoy our long awaited holiday.

Sunglasses donned, we explore new or familiar places. Inevitably, testing the local cuisine becomes the focus and a key part of any holiday. Chatter centers around ‘Let’s try’, ‘What do you think’ and more and more common ‘What does trip advisor say’. And we fall in love with tasty food in sort out bars and restaurants.

All too soon we are packing our bags and heading home. But who doesn’t want to rekindle those delicious meal memories when back home? One thing you may have noticed during your vacation is – the reason these foods we had on holiday are so lovely is that they use slightly different equipment to the UK’s stock saucepans and fry pans typically found in our kitchens. But did you know Judge offers a myriad of specialist equipment so you can emulate holiday food in the comfort of your home? So weather it’s Spain, Italy, Mexico or China we have equipment and recipes to help you create the most authentic food to keep your holiday memories alive...


Judge Tastes of the World - Spanish meal

Start your meal with a lovely antipasti platter served on Judge Slate, or maybe with a couple of tapas dishes still sizzling on Judge Sizzle & Serve – or maybe both?

Then move on to the main act: a glorious paella dish presented at your family table in all its glory with Judge Paella Pan.


Judge Tastes of the World - Italian meal

Our cookware selection for this country is a tribute to the classic Italian dishes we all love and couldn’t do without: a Pasta Machine and Pot for Spaghetti Bolognese; Pizza Crisper, Stone and Rotella for a hot Salami Pizza; Judge Slate to serve fresh Focaccia bread with cherry tomatoes.

And let’s not forget the Judge Herb Scissors for that final, fragrant touch that only fresh herbs can bring.


Judge Tastes of the World - Chinese meal

Woks, Steamers, Rice Cookers and Eating Bowls are our oriental stars.

Of course, we could not leave tea out: perfect to accompany or finish your meal, a leaf infusion brought to the table in our Judge Glass Teapot will surely add that authentic touch.


Judge Tastes of the World - Mexican meal

Let us dive deep into the land of nachos, fajitas and enchiladas: these dishes will be an easy game thanks to our Judge Grill Pan and Sizzle & Serve.

The Judge Mini Chopper is perfect to prepare some fresh guacamole, while the Slate Lazy Susan and Table Essential serveware will bring everything to life in your dining room or patio.


Now all you need to do is pack your suitcase and head to the kitchen!

Judge Tastes of the World


For more speciality cookware, visit Stellar Speciality Cookware and Judge Speciality Cookware.

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