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Tea vs Coffee: an eternal dilemma

Tea vs Coffee: an eternal dilemma

Which side are you on?

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Which side are you on in the great tea versus coffee debate? For me, whatever time of day it is, it’s got to be coffee. And, apparently, lots of you agree with me because we drink about 70 million cups of coffee a day! But tea is still way ahead at 165m.


That’s a lot of coffee and a lot of money if we’re buying those 70 million cups on the high street… but today it really couldn’t be easier to make high-quality, great-tasting coffee at home!

Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee, does it? It makes getting up in the morning worthwhile! To get the day off to a great start, I make my coffee in a stylish Judge 3-cup cafétiere.

It’s worth investing in an artisan coffee producer to get the best-tasting coffee – it’s still cheaper than buying out every day! It can be overwhelming when you see the range of different coffees available but don’t panic! Knowledgeable staff at somewhere like York Coffee Emporium will guide you through the different regions, strengths and preparation methods until you find your favourites – you may have different preferences for different occasions. And, if you need to cut down on your caffeine intake, there are some great tasting decafs out there too.

Many people drink their coffee black and this is where a bit of knowledge helps as it’s the light roasts that work best without milk – the darker roasts can taste bitter on their own. But for sheer indulgence, I don’t think you can beat a latte or cappuccino. Recently, I bought a clever little gadget from Judge – a Latte Frother which gives me delicious foamed milk in a matter of seconds. Impressive and very tasty!

Top tip: serve your coffee in Judge’s Double-Walled Glass mugs and cups which will keep your coffee hot for longer while the outside of the glass stays cool to the touch.

Judge Cafetiere and Double Walled Mugs

If you’d like to learn more about coffee, how it’s produced, how climate change is affecting its harvests worldwide and much more, a program well worth watching is Inside the Factory with Greg Wallace.

Now the question is: why stop at drinking coffee when you can also enjoy coffee ice-cream, coffee cake, coffee tiramisu, coffee meringue...? Some people can be a bit sniffy about using coffee in a recipe. What’s your opinion? I’m not sure where I stand on this one – I think I need to do some research!


For more information on preparing and enjoying coffee with Judge products, visit our Judge Cafetieres, Grinders & Frothers selection and Judge Double Walled Mugs & Cups collection.

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