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The perfect glass to join in the 'Gin Craze'

The perfect glass to join in the 'Gin Craze'

Do you know what gin is made from? And when the 'Gin Craze' started? But most importantly, do you have the perfect glasses to serve your favourite gin cocktail?

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Did you know…

Gin, which is a shortened word for the original ‘genever’ is a spirit which has become one of the most popular bases for many different drinks, where its flavour is derived from juniper berries. From its earliest beginnings in the Middle Ages, the gin category is one of the most popular and widely distributed range of spirits. There are a range of different styles and flavour profiles of gin, but they all have juniper as a common ingredient. Gin is a flavoured spirit, and can be made with any neutral spirit, so production methods can vary greatly. It is how the spirit is flavoured that marks the difference between the various styles of gin. There are different qualities of gin, and the most expensive bottle is thought to be £5,000.

The ‘Gin Craze’ goes back longer than you'd think…

Historically in Britain, due to a low taxation at the time of William of Orange taking the throne (1689), locally produced gin was cheap to make. The relatively inexpensive cost when compared with other drinks available at the time, made gin a popular drink with the less wealthy and so the consumption of gin really took off, sometimes known as ‘the gin craze’. At the time, of the 15,000 alcohol drinking establishments in London, over half were gin shops! Today, a ‘National Gin Museum’ can be found in Hasselt, Belgium and there are various gin schools situated in different places around the world.

Gin cocktail ideas?

With so many different possible flavour profiles, gin is one of the most commonly used base for cocktails – one of the most widely known, the famous Martini. It is extremely popular because you can achieve an array of different tastes for all different palates. For World Gin Day (June 8th), are you getting experimental with your weekend drink? What is your favourite gin cocktail recipe? Does it depend on the season or do you have a go-to recipe which never disappoints? We would love to know, share your thoughts with us on social media!

Do you have the perfect gin glasses?

Whilst you may have nailed that cocktail recipe that you love, do you have the right glasses to serve this at your next cocktail party (and make your pictures Instagram-able)? The new Judge Gin Glass Set is crafted with crystalline glass with lasting clarity which continue to look new wash after wash. The balloon shape of the glass allows for the botanicals of gin to blend with your chosen accompaniment for you to get the right taste, every time. Finally, the long stem helps for the gin to stay chilled, so you can enjoy good company and rest assured your drink will stay at its optimum.

Judge Gin Glass Set


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