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Which teapot do you need for your perfect cup of tea?

Which teapot do you need for your perfect cup of tea?

Do you use tea bags or loose tea leaves? Do you like your tea very strong or quite light? Do you know what teapot you need to prepare that perfect cup?

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A bit of tea history…

The story of tea is said to have begun in China, where the Chinese emperor Shen Nung (c.2700 B.C.) was having hot water served to him, when some tree leaves fell into his cup. As a renowned herbalist, Shen Nung was impressed with the infusion of the tree leaves into the boiling water and this is where the idea of tea was born.

Tea became popular in Britain in the 1660’s, however was only available to the upper classes. It became more widely available in the mid-19th century, where afternoon tea as a concept also became popular. Tea as we know it today can be enjoyed in many different ways whether this be with tea bags for ease and convenience, or tea leaves for more intense flavours.

One world, many teas

Tea can be something that brings people together, something that often accompanies you no matter where you are or what you are doing. Tea is prepared differently in all cultures, whether this be ‘chai’ in countries like India and Pakistan, Turkish and Moroccan tea in the Middle East or Argentinian tea in South America. Depending on where you are in the world and the tea types you have access to, tea can either be a staple with every meal or it can be served at the end of the meal with something sweet. Judge offer a range of different teapots which give you the ability to have your tea exactly the way you like it. Whether this be brew control, preparation of tea with tea leaves, or just a standard teapot to pour a hot herbal tea to comfort your day, we have you covered!

How do you prepare a perfect cup of tea?

We will talk you through a selection of glass teapots available in our Judge catalogue that not only give you control over the flavour and intensity of your tea but also make the process really pleasing to the eye (very handy when you are hosting and want to show off a bit)!

Firstly, Judge offer three variations of a brew control teapot. They are made out of glass, but we think variation encourages individuality! ‘So what’s the difference?’ – we hear you ask. With the first brew control teapot, you can easily stop the brewing process by pressing down the clamp, restricting the water access to the leaves. The second brew control teapot is one where the infuser can be raised to the top when you are happy with the flavour, removing the ingredients from the water and have remaining in the teapot the flavour of tea you are most content with. An element to be loved for these two is that no heat will be lost during the process, meaning you can get your ideal setting to enjoy your cup of tea without being rushed by the panic of heat escaping your tea. The third brew control teapot features a fully removable stainless steel infuser and has a more classic design.

Judge Brew Control Glass Teapots

If you like to prepare your tea directly on the hob, we then have a stove top teapot which truly makes the tea preparation ritual an excitement to carry out. You can boil your tea on the hob extracting all the flavour from the bag or leaves, and watch this visually pleasing process as it happens. This teapot, along with all other Judge teapots, is easy to clean and therefore can be used as often as you wish!

Judge Kitchen Stove Top Glass Teapot

What’s your favourite tea? Black tea, green tea, chai tea, herbal tea, loose leaf tea, fruity infusions…? And how do you like it? Let us know on our social media pages! We are keen to know and, of course, we’ll read your messages while sipping the perfect cuppa! ☕


For more information on brewing the perfect cuppa with Judge, visit the Judge Speciality Teaware selection and the Judge Brew Control Teapots & Cafetieres collection.

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