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Wimbledon – who’s the winner?

Wimbledon – who’s the winner?

Pimm’s, strawberries, cream, scones…it’s Wimbledon time!

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Well, it’s that time of year again! Yes, the sun is out (at last!) and Wimbledon fortnight is nearly here. It’s time to start thinking about how to create that Wimbledon experience in your own home!

We’re aiming for something like this for the finals but, even when we’re just watching the highlights after work, we like to indulge in a glass of Pimm’s and some strawberries and cream – well it wouldn’t be Wimbledon otherwise, would it?

TOP TIP: Judge double-walled glassware is excellent for keeping iced drinks refreshingly cold for that perfect Pimm’s and ideal for keeping strawberries and cream at just the right temperature!

We always make sure we’ve made enough scones and cakes for the Wimbledon fortnight so that we can enjoy afternoon tea whatever the time of day.

TOP TIP: We recommend a 5cm cutter for scone perfection as it allows you to get plenty of jam and cream on! Judge's set of six dishwasher-safe, crinkle or straight-edged cutters are just the job.

We tend to end up with quite a crowd so we just arrange everything on platters, add jugs of cream and Pimm’s and let people help themselves.

TOP TIP: With over 100 items in the collection, Judge’s stylish Table Essentials range is perfect for entertaining – the plates even have chip-proof edges to stop the excitement of the tennis spoiling your tableware (although, uniquely, one of the wonderful things about this collection is that every item is available to buy individually should the worst happen)!

And then the finals! Why not make it a weekend to remember, even if you’re not watching from prime seats on Centre Court? We’re going to celebrate in style with Judge’s sparkling wine glasses from their beautiful Stem Collection and a bottle of our favourite fizz. Whatever happens on Centre Court, the fact that Judge’s glassware and Table Essentials collection can be popped in the dishwasher at the end of the day makes Judge my winner every time – game, set and match!

Ready to watch Wimbledon!


For a selection of scone cutters, visit our Pastry Cutters collection. You may also be interested in Decorating Tools and Baking Tools.

To serve your drinks and food in style, visit the Judge Glassware collection and our Serving Dishes collection.

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