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Stellar 1000 Cookware

Timeless cookware of peerless quality.

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Our Stellar 1000 Cookware

Our Stellar 1000 Cookware range is a well-established cookware range, featuring functional, classic designs. 

Made from mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel, our Stellar 1000 pans are available in a classic domus shape, which will suit both modern and traditional kitchens.

With a lifetime guarantee, our Stellar 1000 pans provide outstanding performance and even heat distribution, time and time again. 

Why not gift a loved one a Stellar 1000 pan set – a comprehensive selection combining our most popular pieces – available in up to 9 pieces. Perfect as a wedding gift, house warming or anniversary.


A timeless bestseller featuring peerless quality

The Stellar 1000 range is one of the most enduring cookware ranges in the industry, thanks to its excellent quality design. 

When preparing large batches of sauce, our deep Stellar 1000 saucepans come in a range of sizes, between 1.9L and 4.4L capacity. 

Ideal for a range of dishes, our Stellar 1000 pans are suitable for all hob types and oven temperatures up to 210°C, ideal for keeping food warm while preparing multiple dishes.


Buy Stellar Online

Stellar is the no.1 choice for high-quality kitchenware, with a wide selection of classic, modern and durable designs, including Stellar Tate CookwareStellar Forged Cookware and Stellar Cast Iron Cookware for quality that will last.

 Buy online with free delivery for orders over £20 to the UK mainland.