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Stellar Stove Top Kettles

A range of stove top kettles to suit all hob types - induction, gas, halogen, ceramic and solid plate.


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Our Stellar Stove Top Kettles

This collection of Stellar induction kettles are world-famous for their excellent quality. They are suitable for induction, gas, halogen, ceramic and solid plate hobs.


18/10 Stainless Steel Construction, Suitable for All Hob Types

When choosing a Stellar stove top kettle we assure you it can be used on any hob type thanks to the thermic induction-ready bases, giving you peace of mind even if you change your cooker. 

Whether you have a gas or electric induction hob, you can be assured that a Stellar kettle will suit you. All the designs are made of top-quality 18/10 stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee.

The collection includes our renowned Stellar whistling kettles that make pleasant whistling noises when the water is reaching boiling point – a comforting sound indeed.


Buy Stellar Online

Stellar is the no.1 choice for high-quality kitchenware for home cooks and professionals. As well as Stellar kettles, take a look at our selection of Stellar 7000 CookwareStellar Sabatier Knives and Stellar Textiles.

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