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Cake Tins

We offer a selection of cake tins for enhancing your baking experience. Our range includes swiss roll, loaf, square and circle cake tins and much more!

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Our Cake Tins

Turn a simple recipe into a showstopper with a perfectly even bake that is easily released from our non-stick coated steel cake tins. If you are an avid baker then you may have preferences on loose based or springform designs, so we have designed the ideal high-quality tins for all your baking requirements.

Our square cake tin is available in both designs, though neither compromises on functionality, as both feature heavy duty carbon steel with rolled edges for safety and strength and are dishwasher safe.

For the simple and delicious baked sweet or savory loaf, our loaf tin is built from heavy gauged steel with lasting non-stick coating. Thanks to the quality build of our loaf tins, you can feel confident each bake will be consistent.


Heavy Duty Bakeware Designed in Cooperation with James Martin

From our range of cake tins we have designed a collection with James Martin, including high grade steel and a double layer non-stick coating for optimal baking results and easy cleaning. Our swiss roll tin has the classic shallow rectangular design while featuring rigid rolled edges for a durable and strong edge that provides safe handling.

Also within this collection is our dual function deep rectangle cake tin which is perfect for layer cakes or can be used as a roasting tray. Involved with our exclusive collection of cake tins, we include a special recipe on the reverse of the packaging.


Buy Online from Horwood UK

Whether it’s a cake tin, swiss roll baking tin or loaf tin, Horwood stock a wide selection of Baking ToolsBaking Trays and Ovenware for every baking or cooking requirement and kitchen style.

Buy online with free delivery for orders over £20 to the UK mainland.