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Flan, Quiche & Tart Tins

Our range of flan, quiche and tart tins can help you bake to perfection! Our collection includes loose-bottom flan tins, flan rings, non-stick tins and more.


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Our Flan Tins

We understand that a key success factor of a flan is the release, as without pastry or sponge it can be a risky bake. Knowing this, we have designed a range of flan tins all with non-stick coatings on the base and sides.

Our heavy-duty steel round or fluted loose bottom flan tin is coated with dual non-stick both inside and out, meaning that you can be confident of an easy release. Alongside being dishwasher safe, it is covered by a 5 year guarantee for consistent and successful bakes.

If you would like to expand your bakeware collection, then our flan ring and loose bottom flan tin comes in the range’s anthracite or grey shades, to easily match or contrast your other baking or cooking equipment.

With the fluted design it will help you create a delicate edged flan and the loose bottom is designed to fit neatly within the inner groove, ensuring an easily-removed bake, even without greaseproof paper.


Abrasion Resistant to Metal Utensils

From our hard anodised range, we have a loose bottom tart tin to add to your collection of tart tins. With an impressive even heat distribution for even bakes, it has an anti-peel and flake coating that is PTFE and PFOA free and will not rust.

As this loose bottom tart tin is suitable for all hobs (aside induction) it is perfect for starting off a flan caramel on the hob, or even for a delicate and thin tarte tatin. It is also abrasion resistant and safe for use with metal utensils and can easily be cleaned in warm soapy water, due to its effective non-stick coating.


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