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Baking Tools

Our range of baking tools can help you bake to perfection! Our collection includes baking mats, icing sugar shakers, cooling racks and more.
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Our Baking Tools

The art of baking, cooling and decorating continues to gain in popularity meaning more and more specialist baking equipment is required to achieve your desired result. To prevent the dreaded soggy bottom, our baking beans are the perfect solution to ensure an even bake. These ceramic beads are heat resistant, reusable and will prevent rising, shrinkage or blistering when used for blind baking pastry.

A key piece of versatile baking equipment is our baking mat that is covered with conversion measurements (perfect when using recipes from around the world) and features metric and imperial rulers around the edges for cutting pastry and cake. In the centre of our multi-functional baking mat are cake, pastry or icing guide rings for cutting to the perfect size in inches or centimetres. 

Alongside our 5 year guarantee, this heat resistant silicone baking mat can be used in the oven for temperatures up to 230°C or even as a protective trivet for your countertop. As this baking mat is made from 100% silicone, it is also safe to use in the freezer for quickly cooling or storing bakes.

Another asset to your baking tools are our shakers, which include two options for whatever flow of shaker you require. Our small hole, stainless steel shaker has a medium flow which is ideal for cocoa, flour, icing sugar or powdered spices. With each stainless steel, dishwasher safe icing sugar shaker comes a plastic lid that will keep contents fresh and dry. Our second icing sugar shaker has a fine mesh which is great for creating a fine powder. Also containing a lid, you can safely store icing sugar or cocoa without undesired clumping.


Dishwasher and Oven Safe Chromed Iron

In order to avoid over baking, and to move on to decorating quickly, a cooling rack is important to allow for sponges and pastry to cool evenly. Choose from our round or rectangular cooling rack to find the ideal shape for you, in order to support each bake and avoid overhang which could damage or weaken your creations.

Each cooling rack comes with a 5 year guarantee, can be used in the oven up to 240°C and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher. With 4 small chromed iron feet, the cooling rack is raised to allow air to circulate around each bake to inhibit sogginess.


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Alongside our wide selection of baking tools, Horwood stock a wide selection of OvenwareCake Tins and Baking Trays for every baking or cooking requirement and kitchen style.

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