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Bring expertise, quality and reliability into your kitchen.
We have a wide selection of cookware, cooking utensils and accessories to suit all cooking needs as well as hob types and kitchen styles.

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Our Cast Iron Cookware and Induction Cookware

Our durable and functional cookware is designed to create a perfect meal each and every time. Invest in the best with cast iron cookware that is crafted for life and cookware sets for every cook, chef and budding novice.

Seasoning is important for the most flavourful meals and for your cast iron cookware. Through the settling in ‘seasoning’ stage, your cookware will guarantee even cooking and heat distribution, while proving durable and versatile. One day create the neatest tarte tatin, the next a perfect medium-rare steak, all with the exact same skillet.

No chef wants kitchenware that will only last a few months, so with our cast iron cookware there is the security of a hardwearing build to your cookware. Without any additives to the cast iron, the natural finish will not flake or peel, therefore ensuring great heat conduction and retention without the risk of damage to the pan finish. Each design from our cast iron cookware range comes with a guarantee and suits any oven, grill, barbeque or hob (including induction).

Cookware should develop to match the technology we use and depend on, which is why we provide induction cookware that is built for even and reliable cooking. From our non-stick, Teflon ceramic coated cookware sets to our stainless steel and enamel pots and pans, we guarantee induction suitability and heat distribution where it matters. With comfortable, easy grip, phenolic low heat transmission handles, our cookware sets ensure a safe and secure cooking experience.


Oven and Dishwasher suitable

It is vital to find cookware that makes cooking simple when you are investing into each dish. Our non-stick, ceramic coated range and stainless steel pots and pans all boast being dishwasher safe, allowing for an easy clean-up. Even our teflon-coated cookware sets are suitable for oven temperatures up to 180°C alongside our induction cookware that can also take the heat of the oven and dishwasher.


Buy Online from Horwood UK

Alongside our UK-designed cookware, Horwood stock a wide selection of bakeware including non-stick baking tins and trays and cake decorating tools suitable for the baking mogul to the expert pastry chef.

Buy online with free delivery for orders over £20 to the UK mainland.