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Frying, Non-Stick and Grilling Pans

We offer a wide variety of quality frying pans including saute pans, non-stick, induction, cast iron, woks, grill pans and more!

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Our Induction hob pans, Non-Stick Pans & Grill Pans

Find your perfect frying pan, from our selection of non-stick, saute, cast iron and grill pans, suited to every fry-up, stir-fry or steak.

Combine induction hob pans with a non stick frying pan and you will discover our induction range that is suitable for all hob types, featuring the Teflon classic non-stick coating which allows for easy cleaning while still being PFOA-free. Designed for even cooking, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan, while the phenolic low-heat transmission handles allow for safe and secure handling. Available in a 2-piece set these frying pans are dishwasher safe and can handle oven temperatures up to 180°C, allowing you to finalise cooking or to keep your dish warm.

Not only are non-stick frying pans a healthier alternative, our Rockantium frying pans have a hard wearing PFOA-Free Quantanium non-stick finish which has excellent scratch resistance. This range of design is perfect for healthy cooking, with little to no oil required and being easy to clean after use and dishwasher safe. While being an induction frying pan, it has riveted handles for secure and long-lasting use and provides even distribution on all hob types.


Raised ridges for searing and channeling oils

Our selection of grill pans are designed for healthy and effective cooking. Our Cast Iron grilling pans have sharp edged ridges that ‘sear’ into the food, creating characteristic stripes and a distinctive chargrilled flavour for greens and meats.

These raised ridges allow for fats and oils to drain from the cooking food, for a leaner cooking and grilling experience. With high heat retention and distribution these grill pans are suitable for BBQs, all hobs including induction and oven temperatures up to 210°C.


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Alongside our frying pans, Horwood stock a wide selection of Kitchen ElectricalsToasters and Kettles for the perfect mealtime preparation or morning routine to set you off on your day.

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