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Glass Lid

From £7.50
  • Replacement shatter proof glass lid
  • Vented for over boil prevention

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  • Replacement shatter proof glass lid
  • Vented for over boil prevention


  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Stay Cool Handles

  • Oven Safe Up to 180°C

  • Judge 25 Year Guarantee

Care Guide

We provide detailed care instructions for all of our products. Download the relevant guide for this product through the link below.

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Your questions
If you already have this product and need after-purchase assistance, please contact customerservice@horwood.co.uk.

I have unfortunately broken the glass in the glass lid to our 25cm Frying Pan. It broke when I was washing the lid having covered our dinner after cooking. All what I can think about is that it must have still been too warm. It has lasted some years already. I think you are listing it as 24cm, where exactly is that measurement? Your Web shop has it listed as out of stock, there is no immediate need for it but when might they be back in stock? Thank you, David Warrington

Thank you for getting in touch, new stock will be in on the 16th of January. It is designed to fit inside any Judge Vista 24cm pan. The metal rim will have a diameter of 24cm, but the actual lid will have a larger diamter, closer to 25cm

I have an old 16cm saucepan and the lid has just broken. I want to buy a new one. The current lid inside rim is about 15.5cm. Will your 16cm lid fit my saucepan?

If your saucepan is a 16cm Vista saucepan, the 16cm Vista lid will fit.

Judge 25 Year Guarantee.png

Judge 25 Year Guarantee

Purchase this item with confidence, from a brand that has successfully equipped the kitchen of thousands of families in the UK and abroad for more than a century.

Our award-winning customer service ensures outstanding after-purchase support and gives you extra peace of mind.


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