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Glass Draining Lid

From £15.15
  • Universal replacement lid - fits most pans
  • Dual perforated lid sides for draining and over boil prevention

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  • Universal replacement lid - fits most pans
  • Dual perforated lid sides for draining and over boil prevention


  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Oven Safe Up to 210°C

  • Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

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Your questions
If you already have this product and need after-purchase assistance, please contact customerservice@horwood.co.uk.

Is this compatible with Stellar Rocktanium 271 Saucepans?

This Stellar 7000 lid is for a draining saucepan. 

The Rocktanium range are not draining saucepans. 

Hi will the stellar 7000 Glass Draining Lid 24cm fit the Stellar Stockpot, Silver, 24 cm, 7.5 Litre, 2-Piece? Kind Regards Barry

Yes this will fit, but please note you will not get great draining ability as there is no draining pouring lip in the Stockpot. It will drain but not very quickly

I want to replace my metal lids for glass, can I use this draining lid on my 7000 non draining pans?

Yes you should be able to as lids are generally a universal fit, sometimes the depth of the lip on the draining lids can get in the way of the rivets on the inside of some pans

Will Stellar 7000 draining lids fit Stellar 6000 pans perfectly?

No it will not fit perfectly, it will also degrade the non stick - as the draining lid wlll rub consistantly against the side walls

Hi, can you tell me if this 16cm lid would create a tight fit on a Stellar 7000 16cm (non draining) saucepan? I'm looking for a glass lid that will work for steam cooking rice? Thanks, Tammy

The stellar forged lid would be more suitable for your requirements

I have a Stellar 7000 saucepan which I love, and it is still going strong after 20 years. The glass lid shattered inexplicably so I need to replace it but am not sure about exact size. The pan measures 17cm across from outer edges of rim, but 16cm from inside side of the pan itself. Do I need a 16cm lid? Michael

Yes you will require the 16cm lid

Do you do a similar lid in the Stellar 5000 range ie. with silicone handles? I have the Stellar 5000 pans but don't want a coated frying pan so will need to buy the Stellar 1000 frying / saute pan. I'd prefer to have a lid like the rest of the Stellar 5000 pan instead of the solid lid that comes with the Stellar 1000 frying / saute pan

The only lids we do with Silicone inserts are from the Stellar forged range,

Will the Stellar 7000 draining lid fit the Stellar 1000 frying pan (S117) or wwill the pan rivets get in the way of the lids deep draining rim? Will the lid fit sufficiently tightly in the way that the Stellar 1000 saute pan lid fits ?

Not Advisable to mix drainig lids with standard pans, as we can not assure a good fit

Stellar Lifetime Guarantee


Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

By choosing Stellar, you choose professionalism, top quality and expertise, which you can pass from generation to generation. Our award-winning customer service ensures outstanding after-purchase support and gives you extra peace of mind.

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