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Glass Lid

From £15.15
  • Universal replacement lid - fits most pans
  • Vented to prevent over-boil
  • Anti-slip handle

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  • Universal replacement lid - fits most pans
  • Vented to prevent over-boil
  • Anti-slip handle


  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Stay Cool Handles

  • Oven Safe Up to 180°C

Care Guide

We provide detailed care instructions for all of our products. Download the relevant guide for this product through the link below.

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Your questions
If you already have this product and need after-purchase assistance, please contact customerservice@horwood.co.uk.

Hi I'm just wondering does this lid fit the horwood 206 three tier steam??

Yes so long as you choose the same sized lid to steamer, it will not be 100% accurate seal, but will still function perfectly well

Hi, will this lid fit a Stellar Rocktanium 266 saucepan please?

Yes a 20cm lid will fit a 20cm saucepan, or any other like for like sizes

I have just purchased 2 of these s3l3 lids and they all fog up as soon as they are put onto a hot saucepan, which negates the reason for having a glass lid. I have an older Stellar saucepan and lid which doesn't fog up at all. Can you please assist?

They will fog up initially, but as the lid gets used to the temperature and the steam builds it will flow through the vent hole and you will get greater visibility. 

Hi, can you tell me if this lid would create a tight fit on a Stellar 7000 16cm saucepan? I'm looking for a glass lid that will work for steam cooking rice? Thanks, Tammy

It will not be tight (as all lids are designed to allow pressure to escape) but it will work well if you want to use to steam

Is the metal in the lid stainless steel and if so is it 18/10? Are the handles silicone/ will they stay cool? Would it work with a Stellar 1000 frying pan (like the saute pan) as I would prefer a glass lid?

Yes the metal in the lid is stainles steel, but is 18/0. The handles are silcone and will stay cooler than solid metal. Yes will work with any stellar pans of the same size

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