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Ovenware - Roasting Tins, Trays and Dishes

We offer a wide selection of ovenware including roasting tins, roasting trays, lasagne dishes, pie dishes, roasting pans and more!

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Our Roasting Tins, Trays & Ovenware

Versatile ovenware is key, though style and functionality are too. Decide on a roasting tin that is enamel coated, stainless steel, glass or ceramic to create an oven-finished meal which can be stylishly served at the table.

Our roasting tins include lids for self-basting and roasting racks that help with removing roasted creations.


Even heat distribution for superior cooking

The features of our hard-anodised roasting trays include efficient heat distribution for the most even bakes and roasts, while the PTFE and PFOA free non-stick coating provide a quality and durable finish.

Whilst the recipe is important, the cooking and the equipment are crucial. With stainless steel ovenware designed for effective heat distribution, you can make your best lasagne dish for any party size or as a freezer filler. If you are looking for a pie dish, our chip-proof porcelain design is not only dishwasher and microwave safe but suitable for the oven, under the grill and even for the freezer. 

As much as traditions are fundamental, the way that a roast dinner is prepared can be modernised to increase efficiency and performance. By selecting a durable stainless steel roasting pan with a 25 year guarantee, you can invest in what matters. Featuring lift-up side stainless steel handles with a raised and removable roasting rack, our roasting pans are designed to be space efficient and allow for easy handling, cooking and cleaning.


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