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Food Steamers

We offer a variety of food steamers for your kitchen. Browse our vegetable steamers, 3-tier steamers, egg poachers and specialist food steamers!

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Our Food Steamers

A great option for keeping vegetables vibrant and vitamin-packed can be to use a food steamer for your greens. With options for tiered food steamers or for inserts for existing pots and pans, it is easy to implement this cooking technique into any meal.

Our 3 tier steamer features a versatile casserole pot with two steamer inserts stacked above it. Suitable for all hob types, including induction, this kitchen steamer has a hot forged base which ensures even heat distribution, therefore effective steaming. Suitable for single or double steaming or even as a casserole pot, a multifunctional 3 tier steamer set can save important storage space.

For your specific steaming requirements, we have created a cooking steamer specifically designed for straight and long vegetables like asparagus and sprouting broccoli. To steam these greens, there is a removable basket which allows the vegetables to stand upright in the vegetable steamer, allowing for more space and encouraging them to retain their shape.


Reliable and Efficient Thermic Base

Pick a kitchen steamer that is designed for efficient steaming, with even cooking from impressive heat distribution. With each food steamer design, we have taken steps to ensure safe handling, with either single or dual handles that are made from hollow stainless steel or low heat transmission phenolic plastic.

Our egg poacher options include inserts and single to four egg poaching cups, with stainless steel saucepan and glass vented lids. To allow you to save on space, our egg poacher inserts can sit inside any 20cm diameter pan, and our egg poacher sets can be stacked with other pans. For ease of cleaning, the cups and cup stands are removable and are dishwasher safe.


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Alongside our food steamers, Horwood stock a wide selection of OvenwareCooking Tools and Pots and Pans for every cooking requirement and kitchen style.

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