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Cooking Tools

We offer a variety of quality cooking tools. Browse our selection of cooking spoons, ladles, slotted spoons, turners and more!

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Our Cooking Tools

Being stocked with the right ingredients is one part of cooking, but having the appropriate cooking tools can minimise mess and maximise efficacy. Our wide range of cooking spoons include different materials and functions.

With options of Beech wood, Stainless Steel and Nylon Plastic, you can create or match with the perfect kitchen utensil set so whether you prefer the look and feel of a particular material, you will be able to find the style for you.

When poaching food, a slotted spoon can be helpful to avoid overcooking and transfer of liquid. If you are a soup-enthusiast, then our range of ladles include not only a variety of materials but also designs and sizes. Our stainless steel ladles have handy hanging loops for storage and come in medium or large hemisphere shapes which allow for easy transfer.

Another option perfect for non-stick pans, are our nylon plastic ladles which won’t scratch pans when transferring soups or stews. With a 25-year guarantee, our ladles are sure to fit requirements and exceed expectations, while all varieties are dishwasher safe which allows for easy clean-up.


Beech wood features anti-bacterial properties

We stock a range of wooden spoons and cooking tools which are crafted from carefully-selected solid beech wood, which is a hardwood and is therefore more hardwearing than other woods. The benefits continue as Beech wood features natural antibacterial properties, which is complemented by the Lifetime Guarantee applied to each Beech wood product.

Our wooden spoon designs include hanging loops for a range of storage options, and each Beech wood product is pre-oiled for moisture and abrasion resistance.


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