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Cutlery Set

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  • 18/10 quality stainless steel (knives 18/0)
  • Extensive Range

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This Stellar Rochester Cutlery Set is an elegant addition to any table. Each place setting comprises a knife, fork, soup spoon and dessert spoon to add style to any occasion. Crafted from high-quality 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel, this beautiful cutlery is perfect to give or keep for yourself and will last a lifetime.

  • 18/10 quality stainless steel (knives 18/0)
  • Extensive Range


  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

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We provide detailed care instructions for all of our products. Download the relevant guide for this product through the link below.

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Your questions
If you already have this product and need after-purchase assistance, please contact customerservice@horwood.co.uk.

Hi, I am hoping to purchase a Stellar cutlery set from you - either the Rochester range or the Salisbury but am looking to find out the length of each of utensil. My mother has Stellar cutlery which has lasted her years so I am adamant to purchase this brand. She has one set which measures: Fork: 20cm Kinfe: 22cm Spoon: 20cm Teaspoon: 14cm The additional set she has are a couple of cm larger. I am looking for the smaller size as listed above so wondered what range is closest to these dimensions. Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Nicole Campbell

Glad you are a fan of our cutlery and that your mother still enjoys her set. In all ranges we have table knife, fork, spoon, and a dessert knife fork spoon. The "table"  variants will always be larger than the dessert, for individual measurements of each range simply go to the individual component of the range. I attach a sample link of the Rochester table knife for you - under the product specifications you can find the dimensions

Is this a “brushed” steel Handel ? Also can you get steak knives and forks to match it? If not can you recommend something please

Stellar Rochester has a polished handle. Yes we have matching steak knives and forks and also many other matching sets

Hello Horwood, I have two boxes of Stellar Rochester 7 piece cutlery set "Table Setting for 1", code BL-47, which I would like to make up to a set by buying more of each piece. I cannot see the 7 piece set available here. 1. Is this set available? I bought two of them in a department store about 10 years ago. 2. Are the individual pieces exactly the same as they were 10 years ago? 3. Which individual pieces do I need to purchase to make up more of this set? Kind Regards, Joseph

Hi yes individual pieces are available , see link here, the weight and size of the pieces may very slightly as the manufacturing process has evolved over the last 10 years

Stellar Lifetime Guarantee


Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

By choosing Stellar, you choose professionalism, top quality and expertise, which you can pass from generation to generation. Our award-winning customer service ensures outstanding after-purchase support and gives you extra peace of mind.

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