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Tea & Coffee Preparation

Time for a cuppa? Our selection of tea and coffee preparation equipment for home and catering uses can help you brew and serve hot drinks to perfection!

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Our Tea and Coffee

Whether you drink decaf, or fully caffeinated tea and coffee, our range of preparation equipment will help you to grind, brew, froth and serve your favourite beverages. Almost always, you will start with a kettle to prepare your tea and coffee at the ideal temperature, then you can either choose your loose leaf tea, tea bag or grind your coffee beans.

There is truly no single way of preparing tea and coffee as the quality and enjoyment can be extended with a patient approach. A far cry from instant powders or rushed brews, in taking the time to infuse your tea and coffee with a teapot or cafetière means you can create high quality, barista-standard hot drinks.


Stainless Steel High-Quality Preparation Tools

If you are hoping to save time queueing as well as money and avoid the temptation of buying a brew from a local café, then having the perfect tools at home or in the office is the ideal solution. Our collection of tools to prepare both tea and coffee will enable a high-quality result, while helping you to enjoy your coffee or tea breaks further.

By choosing from our wide range of tea and coffee preparation tools, you are guaranteed a high-quality and long lasting product that you can depend on. While caffeine or hydration may be the goal, in having effective tools, the experience and quality of your tea and coffee can be improved greatly.


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When looking for high-quality, reliable products for the kitchen and on-the-go, Horwood stock a wide range of Flasks and Drinks BottlesCafetieres, Coffee Makers, Machines & Grinders and Teaware for the perfect kitchen basics and necessities.

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