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Teaware - Teapots, Kettles & Tea Cosies

Time for a cuppa? Brew to perfection with our selection of high-quality teaware includes teapots, tea cosies, strainers and more!

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Our Teapots

Our range of teapots include designs suitable for the hob and stove or merely for filling to serve at the table.

For a modern take on tea brewing, choose our glass teapots which are made from borosilicate glass with a stainless steel infuser insert. Not only are these teapots dishwasher safe, these designs come with a 25 year guarantee for assurance of our quality. Our stovetop tea pots include our glass design and traditional stainless steel thermic based pot, both of which are suitable for all hobs including induction.

For precision brewing, our brew control tea pots allow you to raise the infuser to the lid and therefore stop the brewing process without losing precious heat. With a dribble-free pouring design, these scratch and thermal shock resistant (0 to 180°C) teapots are also dishwasher safe and the perfect size for sharing a brew.


Excellence in Materials and Fabrication

To serve the finest tea, then an effective tea strainer can help to eliminate stray tea leaves when pouring yourself a cup. Choose a tea strainer that is dishwasher safe and includes a drip dish for placement between cups of tea.

While being useful when pouring tea, this tea strainer is argon welded for strength and is assured by our lifetime guarantee. If multifunctional tools are how you like to save precious drawer space, then our tea strainer doubles up as a mini sifter for baking or decorating.

For keeping tea warm while brewing, then our tea cosy will insulate your teapot for optimum results. Our tea cosy is made from long-lasting cotton drill, which is washing machine safe, and the polyester thermal padding ensures effective insulation while you wait for your tea to infuse.


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Horwood offer a wide selection of Mugs and CupsBun, muffin and cupcake tins and Baking decorations and cutters to stage the perfect afternoon tea to rival a fairytale tea party.

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