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Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Keep your kitchen sparkling clean with our selection of scrapers, cleaners and cloths including specialist glass and ceramic hob cleaning equipment.


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Our Hob Cleaners & Scrapers

Cooking can be a ‘creative’ process, and often ends up in spillages on hobs, which can leave unsightly stains in the long run.

Burnt-on stains on your oven’s hobs can seem impossible to remove, but thanks to our selection of kitchen cleaning products, all may not be lost!

Our hob scrapers are suitable for ceramic, halogen or induction topped hobs and can help to gently remove burnt-on stains without damaging your cooker.

Ease-off those unsightly food stains and restore your cooker’s original look with our selection of hob cleaners and scrapers.


Replaceable Blades Available

We also have spare blades available for our ceramic hob cleaner meaning you can keep using the tool for years even when the blades become worn or damaged.

With razor sharp edges, you will find stains and spillages can be worked out of the kitchen tops.

A reusable solution that makes your kitchen cleaning task much easier!


Buy Online from Horwood UK

Alongside our kitchen cleaning products, Horwood stock a wide selection of TeawareCoffee Preparation Tools and Kettles to create your favourite hot drinks and use on your shiny, freshly cleaned hob top!

Buy online with free delivery for orders over £20 to the UK mainland.