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Knife Holders

We offer a range of knife holders to safely store your knives. We offer magnetic knife racks as well as knife blocks for the passionate home cook.


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Our Knife Holders & Knife Racks

Once you have created a knife collection, then storing them in a handy and secure knife holder is the next step. Choose from our own unique take on the classic beechwood knife block, specially designed to consist of 100 fibres to adapt to any knife size, unlike a precut holder which only fits specific knives. This knife holder has dishwasher safe fibre rods allowing you to keep them fresh and it is a great option for keeping knives sharp, as pre cut blocks can blunt knives.

If you are limited on counter space, or want your knives to be easy to access, then one of our magnetic knife holders could be the perfect choice. If a natural look is your style, our Beech wood magnetic knife holder has a hidden magnet beneath the wooden exterior. While being safe and secure for up to 6 knives, this holder has an easy fix guide and the fittings included can be applied to most kitchen surfaces, including tile, plastered wall or the inside of cabinet doors.


Magnetic Strength of 900 Gauss for Secure Fitting

Available in two sizes for the right fit for your kitchen, our stainless steel finished magnetic knife rack is fitted with a high magnetic strength of 900 gauss to firmly secure up to 9 knives at a time. Included in each magnetic knife rack is a lifetime guarantee and the fittings for either a cabinet or wall.

Another option of magnetic knife rack is our two-strip rack with 800 gauss magnetic strength. Available in 30 and 45cm sizes, these options are perfectly sized to fit on the reverse of kitchen cupboard doors for safe keeping. This magnetic knife rack is suitable for blade lengths between 6 and 25 cm, meaning you can store your whole set of knives securely and in an easily accessible way.


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