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Knife Sharpeners

We offer a range of knife sharpening tools for for the passionate home cook. We have handheld knife sharpeners, sharpening steels, whetstones and more!


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Our Knife Sharpening Tools

While investing in high quality knives is important, for long lasting, safe and efficient blades then knife sharpening is a vital step. A sturdy countertop option is great for safe and secure sharpening, where the attached handle ensures your fingers are kept away from the sharp blade.

Our 2-stage knife sharpeners are suitable for both left or right handled use and the non-slip rubber feet keep the sharpener steady during use. In the first stage, the coarse carbide sharpens at the perfect angle and in the second stage of knife sharpening crossed ceramics finely hone the knife edge.

With a 25-year guarantee, this will keep your knives in great condition over their lifetime. Our specially-designed best knife sharpener for your tabletop has two diamond abrasive sharpening wheels, one is coarse for sharpening and the second is fine for honing. A benefit of this design is the removable casing for ease of cleaning and the quick and safe technique of drawing the blades through each sharpening wheel.


Anti-slip handle with guard for safe and secure use

If a knife steel is your preferred knife sharpening technique, then choose from our options with anti-slip handles with a guard for safe and secure use. Our Sabatier IV knife steel sharpener is made with hardened ribbed steel which is equivalent to 300/400 grit for perfect blade edge sharpening.

Another option for after initial knife sharpening, is our fine honing steel which is great for honing your knives. Made from a super hard ceramic which creates a razor sharp finish, it is equivalent to 1200 grit for a fine honing process. With a useful hanging loop for additional storage options, this lifetime guaranteed knife steel is a great investment to keep your knives in the best condition.


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Alongside these knife sharpeners, Horwood stock a wide selection of KnivesKnife Sets and Scissors for every baking or cooking requirement and kitchen style.

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