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Colanders, Sieves & Other Draining Tools

Cooking up a tasty batch of pasta? Drain your food with our high-qulity colanders and sieves ideal for the passionate home cook.
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Our Colanders & Sieves

For quick and easy rinsing of vegetables or draining boiled potatoes, choose from our range of colanders for the perfect solution. Our classic-footed colanders will securely stand in your sink while the water easily drains away. Our large colander features satin and polished stainless steel, which is easily cleaned in the dishwasher. With our twin wire side handled colanders, you can have a secure hold, even with heavier contents. 

All of our colanders cookware are designed for a variety of kitchen tasks, including as a pasta strainer and they are available in an array of sizes, from a 20 to 24cm width. Our long handled colanders feature a long and side helper handle, which allows you to hold hot goods at a distance to avoid burns or heavy steaming. From our selection of colanders, we have also designed a matt colander, with a satin stainless steel finish which can easily match your other matt cookware.


Finely woven stainless steel mesh

Our collection of sieves includes our finely woven, stainless steel mesh strainer. Featuring a resting ring for easy hooking over pots and bowls, you can avoid drips on your counters or hobs by placing it over a pan to drain. The benefits of fine mesh sieves is that they can be used for thoroughly rinsing and draining ingredients such as quinoa or rice, without food wastage or mess. All of our colanders and sieves are handily dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after use.


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