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Kitchen Blowtorches

Looking to bring some extra heat to the kitchen? Our selection of kitchen butane blowtorches are ideal for the passionate home cook.


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Our Kitchen Blowtorches

For amateurs and professionals, a kitchen blowtorch can bring an expert finish to any sweet or savoury dish. A cooks blowtorch is ideal for a range of different uses, whether it be charring and skinning tomatoes and peppers, or caramelising and toasting for flavour. 

Complete with a worktop stand, our micro cooks blowtorch is easy to use and securely set down while preparing other dishes. Being easily refillable from a standard butane gas lighter canister, you can use this time and time again for a range of dishes, even as a creme brulee blowtorch for that crisp, caramel topping.


Adjustable heat intensity and flame length

Our chefs blowtorch features a heat resistant sheath for safe handling, while the safety lock keeps it secure when not in use. With an adjustable flame length and heat intensity, you can easily create the perfect char. With a lifetime guarantee, this easily refillable butane torch will finish your dishes consistently and effectively.


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