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Mixing & Speading

We offer a wide selection of kitchenware for mixing and spreading uses. Our range includes mixing bowls, whisks, spatulas, salad spinners and egg beaters.

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Our Mixing Bowls, Whisks & Spatulas

For light and airy egg whites for macarons or for the perfect whipped cream, our selections of whisks can minimise effort and save time. Our balloon whisk is great for aeration and its stainless steel finish is easy to clean in the dishwasher. 

Another style from our range of whisks is our small whisk which features a hollow finger-moulded handle for easy, light handling. 

Our Suregrip whisk, fitted with a large, comfortable handle is perfect for people with limited hand strength or for prolonged use. Featuring a non-slip handle, this whisk is designed for a secure grip, even if your hands are damp or wet.

Our egg beaters are perfect for quick and light eggs. Our stainless steel rotary whisk evenly beats eggs, with handy top and side handles for secure handling. One of our simplistic egg beaters includes a push down self-spinning design, where the whisk can do the work for you!  While both are easily cleaned in the dishwasher, they are ideal for a fast-paced lifestyle.


Non-stick friendly nylon ends

We stock a wide range of spatulas, including designs perfect for non-stick pans and trays. Our easy to clean, stainless steel spatulas are fitted with circular hanging loops for different storage options and quick access.

Our specific selection of spatulas includes our premium nylon crepe spatula which features a finger moulded hollow on the reverse of the handle, for a light and easy to handle spatula. With its nylon end, which is heat resistant to 210°C, it is safe to use for your non-stick cookware.

For an ideal mixing bowl, our satin and polished, food grade stainless steel bowl is easy to clean after use. With a wide flat base, this mixing bowl has good stability when used for mixing, even at high speeds. This design of mixing bowl is freezer safe, which is ideal for cooling down bakes or storing goods.

With home grown or local salads, effective washing and drying is important. Choose from our salad spinners that have varied mechanisms for your personal preference. Our rope pull spinner provides a turbo action that ensures salad is dry with minimum effort. With all of our salad spinners, you can use the crystal clear plastic bowl for serving at the table, or even for alfresco dining.


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Horwood also stock a wide selection of Kitchen Timers, Scales, Measuring Jugs & ThermometersCooking Tools and Ovenware for the perfect preparation and serving of all your favourite recipes.

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