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Small Cooking Appliances - Cookers, Hobs & Grills

Our selection of small kitchen appliances can help improve your cooking. Our range includes ceramic hobs, health grills, deep fat fryers and rice cookers.

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Our Small Cooking Appliances

Within our selection of small cooking appliances, we stock a useful plug-in electric hob which is ideal for homesharers or those requiring additional hob space. Our Stellar induction ceramic hob is both slim and compact and has 8 accurate temperature settings from 60°C to 240°C for precision cooking. This plug in electric hob features an hour and minute timer and has a fast frying ability, reaching temperatures of 240°C in seconds. The design of our ceramic hob has efficiency in mind, as only the pan is heated and not the hob, for even cooking and increased safety.

For when it is not quite barbeque season, or if you enjoy grilled proteins as a healthy alternative to frying, then our health grill is perfect for you. Being one of our versatile small cooking appliances, this electric grill also doubles up as a sandwich press. With a removable drip tray, this health grill channels fat and grease away from your food and is easily removed for cleaning. Perfect for a range of different sized proteins and sandwiches, this grill has a floating hinge to adjust to different food thicknesses, making it easy to use to its fullest.


Rice Cooked to Perfecton

When purchasing small cooking appliances it is always important to choose products that make life easier. With our large capacity rice cooker you can cook between 4 to 10 servings each time. With a slow and even cooking, this cooker will produce perfect results to feed the whole family or group of friends, instead of you having to watch over a boiling saucepan.

Once the rice cooker has cooked the rice, it will keep the contents warm for up to 6 hours. For reduced washing up and mess, the rice cooker design includes a kitchen to table rice pot which allows for easy serving.


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